Agronomical data collection

RnDExp-Mobile is a Windows application to record various heterogeneous phenotype notations. It is designed to rapidly and safely enter heterogeneous phenotypic observations and measurements on a large number of items in the field, warehouse or laboratory.

Original interface based on three elements: A form, a notebook and a field map.

This inventive concept comes from DORIANE's 30 years' experience in plant data collection for vegetal research:

  • The form displays information of one material and enables data input.
  • The notebook contains datasheets with all the material and all the variables.
  • The field map represents the position of materials and the notation route.

This workshop is highly configurable and fits with simple or complex projects to improve comfort and save time when collecting data from the field, nursery or laboratory. 

  • Voice recognition

    Focus on the plant, not on the screen : When you tell the notations by voice, you can use both hands and your eyes to evaluate the traits more accurately.
    Vocal command and input for fast systematic data scoring.
    Vocal is available for Professional and Enterprise editions, and from Windows version 10 and greater.

    Voice Recognition video

  • image capture 

    This new kind of variable introduces a new dimension to plant observation. The feature is fully integrated to the form and notebook with an intuitive interface.
    Image capture is available for Professional and Enterprise editions, and from Windows version 8 and greater.

    Synchronization of data collection with images
  •  data synchronization  

    Centralization of data and configuration of a fleet of devices on a unique server, with https or VPN secured communications for real-time data management.
    Synchronisation is available for Enterprise edition only.

    RnDExperience & Nice seafront blue chairs
Image of LABKEY-Mobile application in English, version 3.6.2

Multi-Tab Notebook

Every notebooks may countain several sheets, and all the tabs can be exported to Excel or synchronized with your research database.


GPS positioning

GPS positioning

Automatic input of all the information delivered by the GPS: Location with coordinates, Date
and very precise time, Altitude, Speed.





Starting initiation, tutorials with exercises, explanations on advanced functions and details on many notation tips, this User Guide will lead you from your first steps with RnDExp – Mobile until you obtain the configuration that fits to your data collection methods.

  • Introduction 

    Get help for your first steps with RnDExp Mobile :

    • Notebook and form ;
    • Secure and Speed Up ;
    • Export your data.

      RnDExp Mobile Introduction and simple data
  •  Documentation 

    Very detailed documents describing precisely all the features of the application.

    • RnDExp Mobile : User documentation;
    • Connection tutorial and glossary ;
    • RnDExp™ Mobile  user guide.

  • First steps 

    Collect your data instantly and reliably.

    • Definition of a notebook to store your data;
    • Configuring your notebook variables ;
    • Secure your data collection with limited choices ;
    • Creating a form to collect your data ;
    • Customizing the user interface of RnDExp Mobile ;
    • Customizing your field map with a 2D map.
    First steps with RnDExp Mobile
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