Material identification & itinerant data collection

LKM-GRANDE-print-choices Manual entry LABKEY-Mobile

Field observations notation:

LABKEY-Mobile has been designed for entering your data rapidly in the field, warehouse or laboratory. You can facilitate the manual entry of your observations thanks to specific functions:

  • Customize the user interface to make it fit to your needs and your devices
  • Export your configuration to use it in other devices
  • Create personalized path to automatically select your items to observe
  • Observe your items at different scales : plot, plant, ear, leaf,…
  • Use limited choices to secure your data collection
  • Export your data for analysis


LKM-GRANDE-print-keypad Manual entry LABKEY-Mobile

Secure and speed up your manual entry:

  • Regular monitoring, directly in the field: With a tablet PC, consult your test data directly in the field. Instantly adjust your data entry workshops to observations made in the field.
  • Reliability of experimentation results: LABKEY-Mobile controls the accuracy of data entered, facilitates the validation of your trials. By carefully controlling your data entries, LABKEY-Mobile ensures the security of your data and analyses.
  • Integration in research information systems: LABKEY-Mobile is compatible with Windows 8, 7 and XP and directly interfaceable with Excel so the data acquired can be rapidly analyzed and stored in your research databases. Allows export of your data in standard formats, ensuring accurate analyses.


Get help for your first steps with LABKEY-Mobile :

Starting initiation, tutorials with exercises, explanations on advanced functions and details  on many notation tips, this User Guide will lead you from your first steps with LABKEY-Mobile until you obtain the configuration that fits to your data collection methods. Learn all the tricks and tips and improve your data manual entry!


  • Instructional videos

    Get help for your first steps with LABKEY-Mobile:

    Set up a notebook and a form

    Secure and speed up your data collection

    Export your data for analysis

  • user manual


    LABKEY – Mobile User Guide : This user guide will guide you step by step as you set up your first data collections, and configure advanced settings. It explains the concepts of data manual entry and the main functions of the software.

  • Tutorial exercises

    Project “Wheat_Harvesting Notations”
    This project offers an example of  observation data entry concerning the harvest of a wheat crop. It covers entering identifiers for each linear pathway and familiarizes the user with the "AutoEnter" function.



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