Voice recognition presentation and features :

What is Voice recognition and why is it useful ?

For more information you may have a look on page 27 of the documentation, for instance you may want to use the commands :

Vocal commands
The voice commands enable to interact directly with the software by performing specific actions
during input.
Instead of stating a rating from 0 to 9 or a limited choice from x to y, it is possible to use keywords
to navigate the materials or to obtain information of the entry.
Here is the complete list of available commands when RnDExp® Mobile is waiting for voice
- Error or Previous: Go to previous notation to possibly make a correction (previous material in
expert mode)
- Back: Go to previous material
- Next: Go to the following notation
- Skip: Go to the next material
- Recall: Repeat the name of the notation being modified
- Position: Repeat the identifiers (usually X and Y)
- Limited choices: Repeat limited choices for the rating being entered (beginner and advanced
mode only)
- Stop: Stop Voice Mode
- Beginner mode: switches current mode to beginner mode (*)
- Advanced mode: switches current mode to advanced mode (*)
- Expert mode: switches current mode to expert mode (*)
(*) Each mode is effective when we select another material.



Adapting one form with all the traits to several notation cessions : Occasional variables          

<I am looking for a feature to have all the traits that are needed to collect data on throughout the season in one form (i.e. establishment, vigour, dtf, dtm, lodging etc.) and when collecting the data to only show (display) the trait that is been working on. In other words, hide the traits that we are not collecting data on, but still show the identifiers such as plot, variety and pass ( have one identifier as the main one for data collection)>


In this way we don’t end up with too many columns and widgets. Right now to avoid having too many columns and not needed widgets, I have to create many forms with few traits on each one.>

The feature you are looking for is already in the app RnDExp® Mobile. We call it Occasional Variables and you can find some information about it on this short video :


There is not much information in the documentation about this useful feature, but you may find as well some explanation on the Documentation on page 23 and on the User Guide page 10 :

2.3.7 Occasional variable
That option is used to hide some variables from the form. These variables will not be recorded,
except if the user makes it reappear.
That option can be chosen in the tab Column of the properties of the form. An occasional variable
can be concealed quickly from the Edition menu of the form. That tip can prove especially useful for
a variable that is rarely recorded




Dates input with Voice recognition  

 < A quick question, is it possible to input dates data (dates to maturity) using the voice recognition features. It will be useful to have that feature with the same options available with the virtual keyboard, for example, when I say 5, RnDExp® will input today’s day and so forth >

The feature is already included with the latest release RnDExp® Mobile.
You need to set up the form with a date variable.
Then you shut down all forms and notebooks before activating voice recognition, and open the form and notebook again.
Now when the date variable is selected, you may tell your date by voice.
For instance if you are on August 15th:
Say 1 for August 11th
Say 5 for August 15th
Say 9 for August 19th
... and so on...
Nevertheless, you can not enter any other date than the 4 previous and 4 next days with vocal input. For instance if you are on August 15th you cannot input August 2nd or September 15th.
Watch our tutorial video "Date shortcuts on RnDExp® Mobile" for more information


You may find useful information as well in the Documentation available here : https://www.rndexpmobile.com/tutorials/
 - page 23 about dates shortcuts
 - pages 25-29 about voice recognition


                    Download and install RnDExp® Mobile


During the download :
- On any browser, When the download has not proceeded correctly, you may have an error message like the following one, saying that Windows cannot open the file. Then you can check the size of your file: it it the same size as indicted on the description of the file on the DOWNLOAD page of RnDExp® Mobile website www.rndexpmobile.com ? If it is not the same size, try to download from another browser, from another device, or clear your download folder until you get the file downloaded correctly.
- Firefox: if you are unable to download or save RnDExp® Mobile using Firefox please have a look at https://support.mozilla.org/t5/Firefox-won-t-save-settings-or/What-to-do-if-you-can-t-download-or-save-files/ta-p/1996
- Chrome: If you can't download RnDExp® Mobile on Chrome, check for an error or warning message. If you're having problems, learn how to fix the issue at https://support.mozilla.org/t5/Firefox-won-t-save-settings-or/What-to-do-if-you-can-t-download-or-save-files/ta-p/1996
- Internet Explorer: If this following message appears  " Your security parameters do not allow you to download this file" follow the next tip at https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2438651/how-to-troubleshoot-windows-installer-errors

• Installation (Windows devices only):
- If this following message appears ”Another product version is already installed(…)use the application add/remove programs” you should remove the old version of RnDExp® Mobile.
- If this following message appears “windows has protected your computer”, click on “additional information” then “run anyway”.
- For all other issues related to the installation on PC please have a look at https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2438651/how-to-troubleshoot-windows-installer-errors

In case you face other issues, or for any remark, feel free to reply to this post or contact us



                    Save configuration from one version & retrieve configuration   on  a new version or new device


How do I copy and paste the settings of the previous version onto the new version, especially variables and the printing labels ?

Answer from RnDExp® Mobile support team:
You can save your configuration from the previous version and restore it to the new one.
According to the Documentation p.49, the configuration contains all the following data:
- Variables
- Forms
- Limited choices
- Routes
- 2D maps
- Serial connection profiles
- GPS profiles
- Print profiles
- Notification profiles
- Webcam settings


How ?

Watch this 2 min video for live tutorial:

Or follow the steps below to keep your configuration from one version to another (and from one device to another as well) :
1- Open your current version of RnDExp® Mobile and make sure you have saved all data from your notebooks thanks to an Excel or .csv export. Then close all notebooks and forms.
2- Open the menu "Parameters" and click on the SAVE button in area "save / restore the configuration". (On recent versions, the save button is a database with a red arrow).
3- Save the .lkm file on your local drive.

1- Open the new version of RnDExp® Mobile and make sure you have saved all data from your notebooks thanks to an Excel or .csv export. Then close all notebooks and forms.
2- Open the menu "Parameters" and click on the RESTORE button in area "save / restore the configuration". (On recent versions, the save button is a database with a green arrow).
3- Select the .lkm file from your local drive


   Install and first use of RnDExp® Mobile ; renewal of the FREE edition


At the first use of RnDExp® Mobile, an internet connection is required.
This connection is used to secure the software in order to not make the use of the free renewable 30 days license fraudulent.
The use of a limited corporate network can disrupt the access to our activation server (especially when using proxies). In this case, do not hesitate to use another network.
Upon renewal, an Internet connection is also required to validate the renewal period of free use of RnDExp® Mobile another 30 days.
In addition to the removal of the clamp of some features, buying a PROFESSIONAL license also allows to overcome the action of periodic renewal of licenses of 30 days.
Attached Files.



Invoice of RnDExp® Mobile for on-account or bank transfer payment

You may need to print an invoice in order to pay by check or by bank transfer, or even just to get the permission to purchase a licence from your management (company or university).
How to print or download an invoice?
1 - First create an account and login on the website rndexpmobile.com
2 - Click on "Online shop" in the topmenu or follow this link : http://www.rndexpmobile.com/online-store/
3 - Choose the number of licence you need on the invoice, validate, enter your billing information
4 - On the payment page, click on "Print a quote" 
5 - Your pdf invoice is automatically generated !
Now if you want to pay by bank transfer, please send us an email at contact@doriane.com with the order number and we'll send you our bank information.
As soon as your payment is received we will activate the purchased licence(s) on your account and you will receive the invoice by email, with your licence key(s).
To activate your PROFESSIONAL edition on a device, open RnDExp® Mobile on this device and input the licence key in the start window. Now enjoy your unlimited usage !

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