Embedded computing & Measurement devices

LKM-GRANDE-CF-U1-camion Connected Capture labkey-mobile

Save time entering data

LABKEY-Mobile has been designed for entering your data rapidly in the field, warehouse or laboratory. For an even simpler and handier data capture, LABKEY-Mobile enables connected capture thanks to automatic reading from measurement devices, such as:

  • Scales (i.e. METTLER TOLEDO)
  • Grain analyzer (i.e. INFRATECH)
  • Moisture meter
  • Spectrophotometer
  • RS-232 & USB connection
  • Automatic GPS data input
LKM-GRANDE-Balance-scanner Connected Capture labkey-mobile

By automatic identification: bar codes, RFID chips…

LABKEY-Mobile facilitates the identification of your plots, samples and seed bags thanks to bar code recognition

  • Fast and easy configuration
  • Fast identification of your field plots

Ready to use examples in production

Transversal configuration features of LABKEY-Mobile leads to Go-Live projects such as:

  • Rapid entry of the weight from a connected scale of harvested fruit as it leaves the plot
  • Automatic entry of laboratory measurements from connected oil analyzers of seed quality
  • Management of seed stocks, by entering the weight of seed bags as they leave the warehouse and bar code identification

Get help for your first steps with LABKEY-Mobile :

Starting initiation, tutorials with exercises, explanations on advanced functions and details on many notation tips, this User Guide will lead you from your first steps with LABKEY–Mobile until you obtain the configuration that fits to your data collection methods. With a specific tutorial to learn Connected Capture

  • Instructional Videos


    Videos : Get help for your first steps with LABKEY-Mobile :

    • Notebook and form
    • Secure and speed up
    • Export your data
  • User manual


    LABKEY – Mobile 2.4 User Guide : This user guide will guide you step by step as you set up your first data collections, and configure advanced settings. It explains the concepts of data collection and the main functions of the software.

    Check out as well our guide for Connected Capture configuration

  • Tutorial exercises


    << Ble_ Notation Recolte >> : Sample files with practical cases of data entry situations that take you through all the software’s functions and guide you, step by step, as you try your first experiments.

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